Power Wheels, a DUI Getaway Car?

While most DUI arrests are no laughing matter, every so once in a while there comes a DUI story that I can’t help chuckling at.

If you grew up in the 80s like I did, you know that the who’s who of neighborhood kids often would cruise the sidewalks in their shiny Power Wheels. Sure, the battery operated toy vehicles served as entertainment for us kids and even adults (I love watching my nephew drive his SL300 Mercedes Benz Power Wheels), but did I ever think that it could be used as a getaway car for a DUI suspect? Absolutely not.

According to KTLA, that is exactly what Jamie Craft attempted to do. On March 3rd, the 28 year old woman from Jonesboro, Arkansas allegedly drove her Pontiac Grand Am into a trailer. Craft, who was apparently without shoes or pants, yelled at the owner of the trailer and proceeded to drive away from the scene in the owner’s son’s battery operated toy truck.

Needless to say that it was not difficult for responding officers to catch up with Craft. According to officers, when they did catch up with Craft, she was irate and very intoxicated. A breathalyzer administered to Craft revealed a blood alcohol content of 0.217 percent, which is almost three times the legal limit. She was subsequently charged with public intoxication, refusal to submit, disorderly conduct, leaving the scene of an accident with property damage, driving on a suspended license, and, of course, driving while intoxicated.

Just to be clear, Craft is not being charged with a DUI because she was driving the Power Wheels while intoxicated, but rather her Grand Am. However, I’ve talked about DUIs from drunk driver driving (the term “driving” is being used loosely) rafts, golf carts, horses, and lawn mowers. It is certainly not out of the realm of possibilities that, one day, someone will get busted for DUI of a Power Wheels.

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