DUI Checkpoints, the Fourth Amendment, and the Court Cases That Changed Them   Many people are familiar with DUI checkpoints in California: the flashing lights and signs, the cones and barricades, uniformed officers with flashlights in hand. Late at night or in the early hours of the morning, law enforcement officers screen drivers to check […]

Windsor Hills Crash Suspect Nicole Linton Charged with Murder, Lawyers Argue She Had a Seizure Anyone who saw the gas station surveillance video from the fiery car crash in Los Angeles, California on August 4, 2022, likely hasn’t forgotten it. But was there more than meets the eye with this crash?   On August 4, […]

Offering Effective Emotional and Cognitive Support After a DUI Arrest   Statistically speaking, we will all know a number of people in our lifetimes who will face a DUI or DWI arrest or accident. No one wants to be the person stopped at a DUI checkpoint, asked to do a sobriety test, take a DUI […]

Should I Enter a Plea of No Contest for a California DUI? When a police officer arrests you for driving under the influence in California, you have the right to enter a plea before a judge. However, determining which plea is in your best interest depends on many factors. The best way to know how […]

How Does Informal Probation Work After a California DUI Conviction? A common sentence for DUI convictions in California is probation. However, probation is not the same for all cases under California law. You should not assume you will receive the same probation terms as someone else. Instead, you need to contact an experienced Los Angeles […]