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A Dui On The Fourth Of July


A DUI on the Fourth of July

The first large 4th of July party happened in 1777, exactly one year after American independence. It was a day of spontaneous merriment, with fireworks, bonfires, lit candles in windows and gatherings in the streets of Philadelphia, according to In those days people could celebrate to their heart’s content without the legal repercussions now associated with transportation.

The modern 4th of July holiday is largely the same in spirit, but with family, tradition, and parties now intertwined. It’s a time of celebration and reconnection with family and friends. The Fourth of July is about barbeques, quality time with loved ones, and usually a few drinks. But those alcoholic beverages can sometimes spell big trouble once the celebrations end. And the beautiful and patriotic display of red and blue fireworks can easily transition to the unnerving view of red and blue lights in your rearview mirror.

California law enforcement officers this year had heightened awareness around July 4th, particularly thanks to the planned statewide California Highway Patrol (“CHP”) DUI crackdown across California and the 44 deaths on California highways during the 2022 Fourth of July weekend.

2022 and 2021 saw nearly 1,000 motorists arrested on suspicion of DUI statewide, according to Patch.

California Highway Patrol officers were told to take a “zero-tolerance approach to any roadway actions that put other drivers at risk,” CHP Commissioner Sean Duryee told Patch.

Fourth of July weekend DUI arrests are a concerted effort across California, with sheriff’s departments and municipal police departments in all counties, including Orange County communities like Huntington Beach and Newport Beach and Los Angeles County helping to carry out targeted patrols to find DUI suspects.

4th of July DUI Checkpoints in Orange County California

There were a total of 19 DUI checkpoints in Orange County for July 4th in communities like Santa Ana, Orange, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Buena Park, Anaheim, and Garden Grove this year. Most began in the early evening and extended until around 2 a.m., attempting to snag drunk driving arrests in Orange County.

It’s important to know that your rights don’t fly out the window when you have to roll it down at a DUI checkpoint and speak with an officer. California officers are trained on the physical signs of driving drunk in Orange County, but they are particularly keen to catch drunk drivers leaving holiday celebrations, and especially at DUI checkpoints.

This can lead to faulty arrests stemming from symptoms from medical conditions being mistaken for intoxication.

For example, the very same symptoms of hypoglycemia can mimic that of drug or alcohol intoxication and lead to you being arrested for drunk driving suspicion in California. Although you may not be driving under the influence, an officer may mistakenly believe you are. These similar symptoms include: confusion, sleepiness, nervousness, slurred speech, and swaying while standing or the inability to maintain balance while walking.

Bacterial or viral infections can also appear to be alcohol or drug intoxication, as can reactions to certain medications, epilepsy, or brain injuries.

Even the stomach acid from gastroesophageal reflux disease and the use of inhaled asthma medications can throw off breathalyzer readings and make someone perfectly innocent appear suspicious to Long Beach police or result in a mistaken DUI arrest in Orange County.

The Law Offices of Taylor & Taylor have incredibly experienced Orange County and Los Angeles County DUI defense attorneys ready to strategize your case and come to your defense when you’ve been wrongly charged with a DUI in either county.

You Deserve Quality Defense of Your California DUI or California Drug DUI Charges

Whether you were pulled over for a DUI in Orange, LA, Riverside, or San Diego County, the consequences of a California DUI conviction are costly to your financial and psychological health. If convicted, these penalties can be both short and long term, including an increase in car insurance rates, revocation or suspension of your driver’s license, the costly installation of an ignition interlock device, professional license suspension or revocation like a CDL license in California or a pilot’s license, and even your captain’s license (although not automatic after the first offense).

If you ever have any interest in visiting Canada, our northern neighbors don’t take kindly to DUI convictions and can block you from entry. A California DUI conviction without proper legal representation can even end your military career (sometimes before it even begins) and create issues with immigration status, preventing you from gaining permanent US citizenship and forcing you to face possible deportation.

At the Law Offices of Taylor & Taylor, our attorneys have specialized in DUI law and know the intricacies created by precedent, the gray areas; we can quickly assess the weaknesses and strengths of a case, and whether your civil liberties have been violated. Every single step we take with your case is built upon the cornerstone of experience, immersive legal knowledge, and caring about the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Our experienced California DUI attorneys know the law, how best to negotiate with prosecutors, and help you get the best outcomes so you can continue with your life and leave California DUI charges in your rearview mirror.

Talk To A DUI Defense Attorney

An experienced attorney can evaluate your case and discuss your options with you. A lawyer serving DUI clients will often offer a free no obligation consultation and everything discussed is protected by the attorney client relationship.

Schedule a free consultation with one of our expert California DUI attorneys here.

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