Blood Alcohol Level and BAC Calculator Info

Blood Alcohol Level gifHow Alcohol Works
Discussion of the nature of alcohol, its metabolism and effects, by Dr. Craig Feudenrich.

The "Drink Wheel"
An online blood-alcohol calculator which factors in different types of alcoholic beverages, as well as weight and gender.

Blood Alcohol Level Charts
Male and female charts using weight and drinks, and including a chart showing "Changes in feelings and personality" and "Physical and mental impairment" by different levels.

University of Oklahoma BAC Calculator
The University's police department provides an online calculator to estimate your blood-alcohol level and degree of legal impairment.

Blood/Alcohol Content Calculator


Weight (lbs):

Drink Type:

Total Drinks:

Time Since First Drink:


Disclaimer: This is only a statistical average and should NOT be used to determine whether you should drive.

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