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State of California gifDriving Under the Influence in California: A Legal Guide
With many additional links to crucial information, this guide provides a summary for individuals who have been charged for driving while intoxicated in California.

The Drunk Driving Law Center
The Drunk Driving Law Center provides comprehensive information on DUI laws, license suspensions, legal research, DUI politics, police procedures, blood-alcohol analysis, and many more such topics. The site, which provides RealAudio lectures given by Mr. Taylor at legal seminars, is the highest populated DUI law site on the Internet. It is provided by the Law Offices of Lawrence Taylor and is directed to both layperson and attorneys.

The New World of DUI: Defending the Drunk Driving Client Today
The New World of DUI explores the modern day DUI litigation, which now has much higher stakes and is becoming increasingly complicated. The passage is derived from the preface of Mr. Taylor's Drunk Driving Defense, 6th edition.

The 5 Myths of DUI Defense
A discussion about the truth of defending a DUI suspect today, written by a renowned DUI attorney from Atlanta.

Alcoholism, Prevention and Help
More links provided for individuals who are coping with alcoholism.

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