Auto Insurance After a DUI in California

DUI Auto Insurance jpgDUI and Car Insurance: What Happens Next?
Insurance industry's answers to questions about the effects of a drunk driving conviction on insurance rates now and in the future.

What Your Auto Insurer Knows About You
Article about information insurance companies have access to and standards used for assessing a risk score.

Enforcement Actions
Check for any legal actions taken by the California Department of Insurance against insurance companies, agents and brokers.

Explanation of the California Automobile Assigned Risk Plan.

How a DUI Conviction Affects Your Insurance
Information on a national level from the insurance industry.

Your DUI Insurance Solutions
Southern California insurance agency that provides coverage to drivers with DUI convictions, including assistance with SR-22 filings, ignition interlock devices, etc.

Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions
California auto insurance agency specializing in affordable insurance for drivers facing DUI charges or having DUI convictions, pending license suspension issues, SR-22 forms, etc.

Free Insurance Quotes
Information on such California auto insurers as Geico, AARP, Allstate and others.

Auto Insurance Premium Quotes
List of insurers' toll-free numbers for obtaining lowest quotes for which buyer qualifies. Required by 2005 law and maintained by California Department of Insurance.

DMV Warning.
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