Finding a California DUI Defense Attorney

Consider the following when choosing an attorney to represent you. Finding an experienced and reputable attorney in a DUI case can be an extensive and trying process.

  • Review American Bar Association Journal articles for DUI specialization.
  • Do the quoted fees include DMV hearing, expert fees, blood reanalysis, trial, etc.?
  • Does the attorney have an Approved Board Certification (ABA) from the National College for DUI Defense?
  • Avoid attorneys who make promises of results.
  • Ask for a written contract for all charges and services.
  • Ask an officer who they would select if arrested for DUI.

For more information about DUI attorneys’ fees: What Will a DUI Attorney Cost?

California DUI: A Drunk Driving Legal Guide Includes recommendations for the best DUI attorneys in Northern and Southern California.

California State Bar Check an attorney’s complaint and disciplinary record online.