Eliminate Parking Tickets for Would-Be Drunk Drivers

 How many people end up driving home drunk because they’re afraid of receiving parking tickets from leaving their cars parked on the street?


Green Bay Alderman, Randy Scannell, hopes to eliminate this worry by eliminating parking tickets for people who are too drunk to drive home.


Many people hit the bars in downtown Green Bay and leave their cars overnight only to find a parking citation under the windshield wiper the next day. And aldermen including Scannell say they’ve heard complaints from people who have said that they’re being punished for trying to do the right thing by not driving drunk.


“We’re just seeing if we can’t come up with some kind of solution where we can invite people downtown and they can be responsible and not have a threat of getting a ticket,” Scannell told ABC2 WBAY.com.


Alderman, Mark Steuer, has proposed eliminating parking tickets for people who opt to leave cars downtown instead of driving home drunk.


“If we can figure out a way that we can help people be responsible, I think that’s what we need to do,” said Scannell.


The details of the proposal have not yet been worked out. The Aldermen are trying to figure out whether there would be free street parking or a park and ride area instead of street parking.


Patrick Leigl, the assistant attorney for the City of Green Bay is not as hopeful. “It’s creating more of a reward system by making an exemption when people just get too intoxicated. The concern that I have is not necessarily that the goal of deterring people from drinking and driving, it’s the potential of making an exception to a law” he said. 

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  1. Ben Sessions says:

    It is absolutely astonishing that more states have not adopted safe harbor provisions of some sort. In Georgia, we frequently see prosecutions based upon drivers that simply decided to pull over and no longer put themselves or other at risk.

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