Co-Founder of Grossman Burn Foundation Charged in Fatal DUI Crash

Los Angeles socialite Rebecca Grossman, co-founder of Grossman Burn Foundation and former publisher of Westlake Magazine, was arrested on Tuesday, October 1st for her involvement in a DUI crash that cost two young boys their lives in Westlake Village.

According to authorities, a family of six was crossing the three-way intersection in a marked crosswalk at approximately 7:10 p.m. when the mother of the victims heard a car speeding toward them. Both parents instinctively reached out to protect their children from harm. However, two of them were too far out into the intersection and unfortunately were struck. Mark Iskander, 11, and Jacob Iskander, 9, both sustained critical injuries.

Emergency medical personnel declared Mark dead at the scene of the crime. They transported Jacob to a nearby hospital in an attempt to save his life, but sadly he died hours later.

Reportedly, the sheriff’s officials believed that speed and alcohol were contributing factors to this devastating crash. It also appears that one of the victims was carried over a hundred feet down the road on the hood of Grossman’s vehicle. When she slammed on her brakes, the young boy rolled off and landed in the street. Grossman then proceeded to inhumanely run him over, leaving him there, before fleeing the scene of the crime.

Eventually, Ms. Grossman pulled over about a mile and a half away from the crosswalk intersection. Authorities found that her white Mercedes had front-end damage in relation to the accident. Video surveillance has been made readily available to investigators.

Consequently, police arrested Grossman on two counts of vehicular manslaughter. The courts set her bail at $2 million.

What to Expect

No parents should have to watch two of their children die so tragically in front of them. Considering the severity of the crime, prosecutors will most likely push for Grossman to face the harshest DUI penalties amongst other criminal charges. Instances like this are completely preventable. If you have been drinking, please make the conscious decision to not operate a vehicle; it can save lives.

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