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Felony for Driving Drunk on a Conditional License

New York’s Leandra’s Law, originally passed in 2009, imposed stiffened penalties for those convicted of driving under the influence, especially when there is a child in the vehicle. The law was named after 11-year old Leandra Rosado, who was killed when the driver of her vehicle flipped the vehicle after driving drunk. Continue reading

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Racing Under the Influence

It’s one thing to get caught going above the speed limit while driving under the influence. It’s a whole other thing to take to a race track drunk. Well, that’s exactly what Leslie Charles Hunter allegedly did on a Northern California raceway. Continue reading

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Officer Trains Other Officers by Driving Drunk

A Georgia police officer was demoted and placed on probation after he took to the road drunk to train another officer in DUI investigations. Continue reading

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Nightclub Urine Analyzer Stops Drunk Driving

In my last post I talked about a Belgian nightclub’s novel attempt at reducing the number of drunk drivers hitting the road. It just so happens that as I was browsing the internet after that post, I came across a similar Singaporean DUI prevention innovation developed with the same objective in mind. Continue reading

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Pass a Breathalyzer or Don’t Leave the Bar

Belgium is one of the great beer countries of the world. With Belgian beer dating back to the middle ages, it’s fair to say that they’ve had some time to develop some of the best beers in the world. Bars and nighttime hotspots often boast over 400 beers on tap. With that much variety, it can make it difficult to leave without trying at least a few of them. Unfortunately, the beer-drinking culture has, in part, led to Belgians taking to the roads drunk. Continue reading

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