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Lamar Odom Pleads No Contest in California DUI Case


Free Agent, Lamar Odom pleaded no contest on Monday, December 8th to his California DUI charge.

In August, the 34-year old Odom was arrested in Los Angeles after officers observed Odom’s Mercedes weaving in and out of traffic. It was also alleged that Odom refused to perform any chemical test in violation of California’s implied consent law. He was released on bail shortly after his arrest.

Odom had originally pleaded not guilty in October. However, according to Los Angeles City Attorney’s spokesman Frank Mateljan, Odom struck a deal with prosecutors Odom pleaded no contest to one misdemeanor count of driving under the influence.  As part of the deal, Odom was sentenced to three years of summary probation, ordered to complete a three month DUI course, and ordered to pay $1,814 in fines and fees.

Although Odom, like anyone who is charged with a California DUI, faced up to six months in county jail, received what is known as a “standard first.” Absent aggravating circumstances, California prosecutors will usually offer a lesser sentence that may vary depending on the county.

The standard first in Los Angeles is three years of informal probation, $390 in fine and fees (this will be increased significantly after the inclusion of penalties and assessments), a three month DUI program, and installation of an ignition interlock device.

Other Southern California counties will vary slightly with some including some jail time (which can be completed through home confinement or work release), a hospital and morgue program, or a Mother Against Drunk Driving “Victim Impact Panel.”

If Odom does return to the NBA, he will likely face a suspension for his plea. Devin Ebanks and Jason Kidd were both given two-game suspensions for pleading no contest in their own recent DUI cases.

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