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No Charges for San Diego Officers Who Delayed DUI Investigation of Fellow Officer

The San Diego District Attorney’s Office has decided against filing criminal charges against three San Diego police sergeants and one San Diego detective who delayed launching an official investigation into the DUI related accident of an off-duty colleague. Continue reading

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When Doesn’t A DUI Suspect Display the Objective Symptoms?

It is extremely rare for a DUI attorney to come across a DUI police report where the officer doesn’t “observe” the “objective symptoms” of intoxication. It’s not surprising. Without them, what other reason does the officer have to further investigate … Continue reading

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$100 Reward for Reporting Drunk Drivers

The AAA Carolinas’ Foundation for Traffic Safety and city officials from Columbia, South Carolina have announced the launch of a new program thought of to be the first of its kind. The Report A Drunk Driver (RADD) reward campaign will pay citizens $100 for reporting a suspected drunk driver who is later arrested and convicted of driving under the influence.
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Erin Brockovich Reminds Us That It’s Illegal to Operate a Boat While Intoxicated

Erin Brockovich, the environmental activist who was made famous by the movie in which she was portrayed by Julia Roberts was arrested on Friday, June 7th for operating a boat while intoxicated. Continue reading

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Designated Drunk Drivers?

And you thought that your unfortunate friend whose turn it was to be the designated driver wasn’t supposed to be having any fun that night. Well, a new study released on June 10th suggests that nearly 40 percent of designated drivers may be drunk themselves. Continue reading

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