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How Long Do I Have to Attend DUI School?

Many people are unaware that the length of their required DUI education program depends upon various factors including the type of conviction, the BAC of the convicted at the time of the offense, and, in some cases, special requirements of the county where the DUI was obtained. Continue reading

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DMV Study: California DUI Arrests at a Low

The “Annual Report of the California DUI Management Information System,” which reports to the California Legislature, found that, overall, DUI arrests are at their lowest since 2005. Continue reading

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The Heartburn Defense

Drivers charged with DUI who suffer from heartburn, acid reflux disease, or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease may be able to make use of the Heartburn Defense which claims that symptoms of these ailments may cause false breathalyzer readings. Continue reading

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Out-of-State Priors

Prior DUI convictions obtained out-of-state may or may not be used as an enhancement for subsequent DUIs obtained in California. Continue reading

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What Makes Vehicular Manslaughter “Gross?”

When a person acts with gross negligence, they act in a reckless manner that creates a high risk of death or bodily injury that a reasonable person would recognize as dangerous. Continue reading

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