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More Blood Sample Mix-Ups


I commented a few days ago about how an attorney in my firm proved with DNA testing that the blood sample tested by the Los Angeles Police Department crime lab was not the same as the sample taken from our client. As I said then, this was not a fluke: crime labs mix up samples a lot more often than is realized — as indicated by the following recent news story:

Clark County Prosecutor to Test Blood

Sample in DUI Case

Las Vegas, NV. KRNV-TV News. Clark County prosecutor Bruce Nelson says he will seek a DNA test on samples of blood in a drugged driving case after questions about whether the samples actually belong to the driver.

19-year-old Chris Robinson faces charges of driving while under the influence, reckless driving and involuntary manslaughter for an accident last May. Authorities say Robinson had Xanax and cocaine in his system when his vehicle crossed over the highway median when returning from Lake Mead and smashed into another vehicle.

Court records show the police officer who took the blood says it came from a black male. But Robinson is white….

So how do you know if the blood they tested was yours? You don’t.

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