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DUI Roadblocks Still Ineffective — and Lucrative


In recent posts I've commented upon the ineffectiveness of roadblocks in apprehending drunk drivers — and the increasing tendency of local governments to use them as a thinly-veiled means for generating revenue from unrelated traffic, registration and equipment citations and towed vehicles.

Three drivers arrested at weekend DUI checkpoint

Stockton, CA, Nov. 7 — Police conducted a DUI checkpoint from 5 p.m. Saturday till 1 a.m. Sunday at Hammer Lane and El Dorado Street.Of the 1,744 vehicles that passed through, three drivers were arrested for driving under the influence, 28 vehicles were towed, and 36 citations were issued, according to the Stockton Police Department.

Final tally: 3 arrests…after stopping 1,744 cars over 8 hours (and pocketing a lot of money from minor violations and impound fees). (Thanks to Jeanne M. Pruett of RIDL.)

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