April 2014

I can tell you first-hand that some attorneys work hard and play hard. Unfortunately, however, I can also tell you that some attorneys are also prone to alcohol abuse as the result of the stresses of the job. Whether the drinking is to blow off steam or to deal with the stresses of dealing with the problems of others, attorneys too sometimes make the mistake of driving drunk.

In my last post, I mentioned that officers often indicate that the basis for a DUI stop is the observation of a vehicle swerving. Forget about the DUI for a moment. Can the officer initiate a traffic stop for swerving within a lane, often called lane-straddling? The stopping of a vehicle by law enforcement is […]

I've commented repeatedly in the past about the growing power of law enforcement in this country — the ability and willingness of police to abuse their authority, ignore contutitional protections and use excessive force.  This, of course, has not been limited to the DUI field, but has been a widespread phenomenon.  The rate of shooting […]

It seems I spoke too soon, but just barely. The same day that my post went up about the approval of powdered alcohol by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, was the same day the federal government came out and said that the approval was a mistake.

The Use of Dash Cams in DUI Stops

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  Many Southern California law enforcement agencies are beginning to use dashboard cameras (“dash cams” or “MVARS”) to capture traffic stops which lead to DUI arrests. In fact, many of these videos can be found on youtube.com showing DUI suspects miserably failing field sobriety tests, slurring their words, and otherwise providing evidence of their intoxication. […]