February 2012

High profile prosecutor Jeff Ashton will now be defending in the courtroom and the client is his own son, the charge is drunk driving. Now former assistant state attorney in Orange County, Jeff Ashton will be headed back to court to defend his son against a drunk driving arrest that happened back in October. He […]

The DUI Double Standard Continues…

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I’ve posted ad nauseum in the past about the double standard when it comes to cops who drive drunk.  See, for example, The Unwritten Code, The Blue Code: Cover-Up of a Cover-Up, The Blue Cover-Up, The DUI Double Standard, The DUI Double Standard 2, Guarding the Guardians and The Thin Blue Line for a few examples of this […]

Officers and paramedics in the Baldwin Hills area of Los Angeles were dispatched around 1:30 am after reports of a bicycle/vehicle accident. While investigating the scene, the officers observed a group of 15 bike riders using both the north and southbound lanes. None of the cyclists were wearing safety helmets and dim lighting made them […]

Your face on Facebook!

The Huntington Beach city council has voted against a proposal that would have allowed the police department to post mug shots on Facebook of those arrested for DUI in California. One council member had recommended posting the names and faces of repeat drunk driving offenders on the social networking site in an effort to shame […]

The use of DUI quotas — requiring patrol cops to arrest a minimum number of citizens for drunk driving — is usually illegal or against public policy, primarily because it forces cops to arrest drivers who are innocent.  Yet, the simple fact is that many — maybe most — police agencies across the country use […]