October 2011

In Southern California, the DMV has decided to toughen up on their policy regarding copies of discovery (e.g. police reports, chemical test results, DS 367, etc.) and their distribution as it relates to APS (or DUI DMV) hearings.

My past two posts have dealt with the Houston grand jury investigating cover-ups of breathalyzer problems by the District Attorney’s office.  In related developments in this fascinating saga, a defense attorney representing a client charged with drunk driving has subpoenaed the District Attorney for the trial: Harris County District Attorney Called to Testify in DWI […]

Following up on yesterday’s post (Grand Jury Investigates Breath Test Accuracy – Throws D.A. Out), here are the latest fascinating developments in a Houston grand jury’s investigation into cover-ups by police and prosecutors of defective breath-alcohol machines.   Keep in mind what we’re talking about here: this is the District Attorney’s office –charged with finding […]

Hmmm….Maybe the citizens of this country are beginning to wake up to the fact that those infallible breath machines aren’t so infallible.  And prosecutors don’t like it. Controversy in BAT Van Investigation Houston, TX.  Oct. 21 — There are new questions about just what a grand jury is investigating after prosecutors were thrown out of the […]

The inscription in the wall of the lobby of the courthouse is hardly noticeable and difficult to read. It is placed by the four elevators that lead up to the numerous courtrooms, where, day in and day out, judicial officers make decisions having a major impact on individuals’ lives. “Justice is truth in action,” the inscription reads. It seems poignant but as if it was placed there as an afterthought, much like the “justice” that was delivered to an individual in those hallowed halls not too long ago.