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Parents Killed in Head-on Collision Caused by Drunk Driver


A tragic accident in West Sacramento, California left two children parentless on Monday, February 15, 2021.

According to the West Sacramento Police Department, the accident occurred at approximately 11:30 p.m. when a drunk driver crashed head-on with another car at Jefferson Boulevard south of Locks Drive. The suspected DUI driver was transported to a nearby hospital with severe injuries.

The second car involved in the crash was occupied by a married couple and their two young children, who were leaving a family celebration. According to emergency medical personnel, the couple identified as Rasul Afzili, 37, and Anila Afzili, 29, unfortunately succumbed to their injuries. Their children, three-year-old Jannah and seven-month-old Azzan, were taken to a nearby hospital for further medical assessments.

Eyewitnesses attested to the incident that occurred that night. One witness, Alina Karakay, described the aftermath as unbelievable. When Naeema Afzili, Rasul’s sister, was notified of her brother’s accident, she went straight to the medical center for updates. Her sister-in-law was pronounced dead soon after her arrival at the hospital. The infant son came out of the crash with no injuries, while the young daughter suffered broken bones and a head wound.

The Afzili family is left heartbroken, and their lives are changed forever. Naeema Afzili promised to help raise her niece and nephew to be kind-hearted just like their parents planned. Since the tragedy, fundraisers have been created to help bring some form of relief during this unthinkable time.

Investigation is ongoing, as the authorities try to determine whether alcohol was a factor in the fatal crash.

Drinking and driving has serious consequences that can alter or halt the trajectory of lives. If you are ever in a position where you have been drinking and getting home seems impossible, please consider using ride-sharing companies or other safe alternatives.

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