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Family Demands Justice for Motorcyclist Killed in Fiery DUI Crash


On January 1, 2020, James Lynn Hubbs, a 24 year-old Houston resident, was sadly struck and killed in a DUI crash involving 30-year-old Pasadena resident Stephen Dario Rodriguez. Hubbs was struck at approximately 3:40 a.m. on Genoa Red Bluff in Houston, Texas by a small, four-door car driven by Rodriguez. 

As a result of the collision, both vehicles became engulfed in flames. A nearby neighbor, Hanna Taye, reported hearing the crash and ran over to assist because he owned a fire extinguisher. However, because there was so much fire, he could hardly be of any help. He noted that when the first responders arrived at the scene, the driver Rodriguez was pulled out of the car screaming in pain. Sadly, Hubbs incurred fatal injuries and was declared deceased at the scene. 

Authorities transported Rodriguez to Clear Lake Regional Hospital for medical attention where investigators determined that he had been driving while under the influence at the time of the crash. At the hospital, health professionals found his blood alcohol level to be 0.42 percent. He was subsequently arrested for driving while intoxicated, making this his third time facing a DUI charge.

Two Prior DUI Charges but Nothing Further?

Despite Rodriguez being initially charged with DWI and having two prior DUI charges, the magistrate judge at his hearing found that no probable cause existed. As a result, Rodriguez had his charges reversed.

The Hubbs family furiously spoke out and demanded justice at James Hubbs’ funeral. They asked why the court found no probable cause against the driver whose blood alcohol tested at almost five times the legal limit. The victim’s sister Shannon Hubbs stated, “I just want justice. I won’t give up. I will fight and fight, ‘because he has no voice anymore’.”  

If no initial probable cause is found by the magistrate judge, prosecutors can present to a Grand Jury after the completion of the investigation, allowing more charges to be possible. Prosecutor Sean Teare did just that in an effort to provide justice for the Hubbs family. Since then, the court charged Rodriguez with a felony DWI. 

Hubbs was a father to his newborn baby Sarah Michelle Hubbs, a brother, an uncle and friend to many. After graduating from Dobie High School, he soon started a racing career. He won Rookie of the Year in circle track racing and at just 15 years old, and was the secretary of the Street Soldierz Space City Motorcycle Club.

Because of this DUI crash, the lives of Hubbs family have changed forever. Hubbs had a promising future and he will not be forgotten. Through his loved ones, his memory will be kept alive.

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