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Pga President Paul Levy Arrested For Dui


Last week, on June 7, the president of PGA (Professional Golf Association) of America, Paul Levy, was arrested and charged for DUI in California.

The arrest report revealed that police in Palm Desert responded to a call of a single-vehicle accident around 11:22 pm. 57-year-old Paul Levy was going eastbound on Highway 111 when he went off the road and hit a sign.

Law enforcement suspected drunken driving played a role in the accident and arrested Levy. Levy remained unharmed from the crash but was still brought to the hospital, where he was released and then booked into Riverside County Jail in Indio.

A spokesperson from PGA of America released a statement saying, “Paul Levy has accepted responsibility for his terrible lapse in judgement. He has expressed deep regret and fully understands how irresponsible his actions were. The PGA of America will support Paul as he seeks counseling, faces the consequences of his actions and works through the legal process in the months ahead.”

Levy began his term as PGA president back in November of 2016.

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