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Almost 400 DUI Arrests Made in CA over July 4th


This Fourth of July, California Highway Patrol reported making a total of 389 arrests across the state in a 30-hour period starting Tuesday. This figure does not include any local DUI arrest statistics.

CHP designated a Maximum Enforcement Period (MEP) for the holiday and found that during this time, a DUI arrest was made on average every five minutes. During Maximum Enforcement Periods, higher numbers of officers go on patrol to watch out for impaired driving. DUI checkpoints are also set up to monitor the roads.

Tragically, 18 people died in auto crashes during the same period Maximum Enforcement Period this Fourth of July. It is not clear how many of these deaths were DUI-related. Regardless, holidays can be a dangerous time for drunk driving. Be extra cautious on the roads, drive defensively, and be on alert. Most of all, do not drink and drive!

If you have been charged with DUI, it is important to understand the penalties and the options you have for your defense. It is vital that you hire a qualified DUI Defense lawyer who understands the complexities of the field. Hiring a general attorney to handle your DUI case is like hiring a general practitioner to perform your brain surgery. You’ll be in the best hands with a DUI expert.

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