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Is a Lawyer Necessary For a DUI Arraignment?


A DUI arraignment typically occurs a few days following a DUI arrest. This is the first actual courtroom appearance where the defendant is formally charged with a DUI. During an arraignment, the defendant is called into court by a judge who inquires the following:

· Whether the charged suspect has an attorney or needs one appointed

· Lists the charges against the defendant

· Ask how the defendant would like to plea

· Determines bail amount (if applicable)

· Schedules future court dates for upcoming proceedings

· Hands over evidence including copies of police reports and results of chemical/blood tests to the defendant or their lawyer

The arraignment is the first step in your case to determine your guilt or innocence. The plea you enter and the judgement following your arraignment will have considerable consequences on your freedom. You do not want to face such potentially life changing decisions on your own without the assistance of a lawyer. Even if the suspect cannot afford an attorney, the court will appoint an attorney at no cost.

The arraignment for DUI is a critical step in the DUI process. It is important to note that hiring a DUI attorney, or at least contacting one for a consultation and obtaining a free case evaluation, can positively affect your case outcome and is highly recommended to avoid costly, common mistakes. A DUI lawyer will be able to make the right strategic decisions regarding time waivers, whether to accept a plea bargain, or a number of other considerations.

Here at the Law Offices of Taylor and Taylor, our DUI attorneys specialize in helping you deal with your criminal charges in a way that would be most beneficial for you.

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