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Benefits of Hiring a DUI Lawyer


If you’ve been charged with a DUI in California, the first thing a prosecutor will do in most cases is offer you a “deal” if you agree to plead guilty. Ideally, a plea bargain is supposed to give a defendant a favorable punishment for opting to forgo a trial.

Prosecutors are not on your side when offering you a plea bargain. Having a private DUI lawyer by your side early in the process can reduce the likelihood of facing the maximum possible penalties.

Hiring a private DUI lawyer comes with several advantages—these include:

· The ability to represent you at the DMV suspension hearing

· The freedom to represent you in court without your presence for misdemeanor charges

· Extra time outside of court to evaluate the facts of your case and prepare your defense

· A lesser charge

· A more lenient penalty

If you consult with a DUI defense lawyer, you may find out your case is not as bad as it looks and is beatable. The more time spent building a solid defense for your DUI case, they may be able to discredit or suppress key evidence the prosecution is relying on and ultimately negotiate for better treatment. When this happens, the prosecution is likely to offer you a much more generous deal. In some cases they will even reduce the charge to a lesser offense, so that you can keep your license and have no DUI on your record.

If you have been charged with a DUI in California and want an expert to evaluate your case, the Law Offices of Taylor and Taylor provide defense attorneys that are well-versed in various types of DUI cases and can ensure the best possible outcome for their clients.

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