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Probation Sentence Sparks Outrage with MADD


The Idaho branch of the non-profit organization MADD, or Mothers Against Drunk Driving, were outraged by the sentence given to Adam Paulsen on January 14.

On Monday, the Fourth District Judge Deborah Bail granted Paulsen probation with a suspended 15-year prison sentence. The sentence includes 500 hours of community service; necessitates that he wears an alcohol monitor; and requires that he refrain from drinking alcohol.

To give some background, Paulsen had been driving while under the influence and hit into the car of 24-year-old Madeline Duskey. The woman was killed in the accident, leaving two young children without a mother.

Part of what makes this probation contentious for the MADD members is the fact that Paulsen was already on probation when he caused the crash back in 2017. He should not have been drinking leading up to the time of the accident. His poor decision unfortunately led to the death of another person, affecting not only the victim but all those who cared and thought about her. To give Paulsen probation on such a case is like a slap on the wrist, but one that the group says they see time and time again.

The group plans to look into options that would make the presiding judge rethink giving probation in this case. Paulsen’s actions had been reckless and should not have be given such leniency. They believe that the state legislation should consider imposing mandatory minimum sentencing in drunk driving cases to prevent judges from making similar decisions in the future.

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