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Holiday DUI Enforcement Kicks Off


As is the case when any holiday rolls around, law enforcement plan to increase their presence and be extra vigilant in looking for anyone who may be under the influence. This is all in the hopes of supporting public safety and prompting people to make safe, good decisions during the holiday season.

This year, the enforcement period started this past Friday, December 13th, and will last through New Year’s Day.

In a previous statement, CHP Commissioner Warren Stanley reminded the public that “impairment of any kind while driving is illegal. Alcohol, cannabis, or legal or illegal drugs can all affect your driving. Impaired driving is a serious crime that can lead to an arrest, serious injury, or death.”

Since the announcement, police departments in Cypress, Fontana, and Lodi have stated that they will be holding DUI checkpoints during the enforcement period. Many more will be announcing the same in the coming days. At the moment, the specific locations remain undisclosed, but these checkpoints serve as a reminder to all drivers to be careful. With all the holiday parties that happen during this winter season, it is important that people be aware of their conditions and make smart choices.

As the CHP slogan says, “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.”

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