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Drunk Driver Hit With Own Car


This past weekend, dash cam video from law enforcement in Fairfax County, Virginia, caught a drunk driver being hit by his own vehicle as he fled arrest.

Police said that they spotted an “apparent equipment violation” and attempted to pull over 30-year-old Isaac Bonsu. He didn’t immediately stop and led law enforcement on a half mile chase. Upon encountering a dead end, Bonsu bailed out of his vehicle in an attempt to flee. Bonsu, however, ran in front of his own vehicle that was still moving.

Bonsu can be seen in the dashcam video getting hit by his vehicle, knocked to the ground, and getting up to attempt to keep running. Bonsu was caught by officers and was arrested shortly after being hit with his vehicle.

Bonsu was charged with felony DUI because it was his third DUI-related offense.

His other charges included hit-and-run, disregard an officer’s signal to stop, driving on a revoked license due to a prior DUI, driving with an open container, possession of marijuana, and illegal window tint.

The dashcam video can be seen here:

ICYMI: Have you seen our latest in-car video capturing a man trying to escape our officers, but his plan gets foiled when he's hit by his own car? 😬 Check out the footage! #FCPDStrangerCalls

— Fairfax County Police (@FairfaxCountyPD) March 7, 2018

Let this be a lesson that driving under the influence is not only a danger to others on the street, but also to the drunk driver…even if they aren’t even in their vehicle.

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