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Ankle Bracelets to Monitor DUI Offenders


Repeat drunk driving offenders are soon going to be required to wear an alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet across Hawaii. The device has already been in use in one Honolulu court for about four years.

The state legislature approved use of alcohol monitoring devices for habitual offenders.

The monitoring device would help deter drunk driving and keep people safe. The device reads perspiration to determine whether the wearer consumed alcohol.

The monitor is supposed to transmit information to a call center where agents will review the readings and recognize between environmental and consumed alcohol.

If alcohol is detected, a notification is sent to a court official. The technology also detects tampering by the person wearing it.

Courts statewide might soon require repeat drunken drivers to wear alcohol monitoring ankle bracelets aimed at reducing the dangers of drunken driving on Hawaii’s roadways.

Hopefully theses new tools will help prevent repeat DUI offenders.

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