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Facing The Consequences And Moving Forward


Each individual has two lives, their professional life and their personal life. They tend to separate the two and not bring any work related problems home or vice versa. No one needs to know what mistakes they have made during their free time, or so that is what we would like to believe. Dr. Monica M. Harms, a family practice physician, from Laguna Hills is currently on medical license probation for two DUI convictions she received in the span of four years. The Medical Board of California did not find it acceptable to have a licensed doctor with two DUI convictions.

Her first DUI occurred in 2009 when she was involved in a collision in the West Covina area. Her second DUI happened 4 years later in Newport Beach.

The Orange County Superior Court sentenced her to a five-year probation in 2014. The Medical Board of California also placed her on a five-year probation in which she has limited practice of medicine.

Her probation consists of:

  • ·         Abstaining from alcohol and controlled substances
  • ·         Informing her office of supervisors and any hospital in which she is providing her services of her probation status
  • ·         Undergoing psychiatric evaluation
  • ·         Drug and alcohol testing
  • ·         Designating a work place substance abuse monitor
  • ·         Attending support group meetings
  • ·         Most importantly, obeying all laws.

Dr. Harms is also not allowed to supervise physician assistants and must notify the medical board if she decides to take a break from practicing medicine, or if she plans to leave the state.

She must follow these rules at all times. If she does not comply, she will face revocation of her practice license.

This is a very tough lesson to learn. Even those who devote themselves to saving lives make mistakes and have to face the consequences. No one is exempt from the law.  

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