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Drunk Driver Kills Four Bridesmaids In Limo


 A man is being held on $500,000 bail after allegedly t-boning a limo carrying a bachelorette party while intoxicated, killing four bridesmaids.


The limo was carrying eight women who had just left a local winery in Long Island, New York. In a twist of irony, the women had hired the limo to avoid driving themselves drunk after visiting a winery in Cutchogue. The limo driver had attempted to make an illegal U-turn when a red pickup truck broadsided the limo.


Southold Police Chief Martin Flatley told the New York Post that the limo’s U-turn was a “dangerous move” because the limo’s length likely took up two or three lanes of the road. 


The collision left three of the eight women dead at the scene. Another woman died a short time later. The bride was amongst the four surviving women. However, she and another woman were left in critical condition, but are expected to survive.


“There was a bride — she survived — and a group of friends. I don’t believe it was a bridal party, but they were celebrating,” Suffolk County Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth Miller told the New York Post.


The driver of the red truck, later identified as Steve Romeo, allegedly fled from the scene, but was soon caught.


Romeo was arraigned while in his hospital bed, but no members of the news media were allowed to attend.


Romeo’s defense attorney, Dan O’Brien, said that Romeo pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor driving while intoxicated. O’Brien denied that Romeo fled the scene, but offered condolences to the


Miller confirmed that the investigation was ongoing and authorities were “looking into upgrading the charges significantly.”


Let this be a reminder that even if you, yourself, are not driving drunk, to be a defense driver on the lookout for others who may be driving drunk. 

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