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A Consumer Report on…Personal Breathalyzers


There has been an explosion in recent years of personal breathalyzers.  These are small, portable devices which — to varying degrees of accuracy — can give you rough readings of the blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) of your own breath….and possibly save you from a DUI arrest.

But which are the best models for you?  

New York DUI defense attorney Carl Spector offers a study entitled “The Breathalyzer Breakdown: An Analysis of Breathalyzers on the Market“.  This informative article analyzes the different personal breathalyzers that are on the market that are both portable and easy to use. With a price range from $40 and up, these are affordable tools that few drivers are using because they don’t have the proper information on them.

Spector’s article breaks the flood of products down into the following groups:

Top 5 Highest-Rated Breathalyzers
.   The winner:  AlcoMate Revvo TS200.

5 Best Budget-Friendly Breathalyzers.   In number one position:  BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzer  ($39.99)

3 Best Smartphone Compatible Breathalyzers.   Top pick:  BACtrack Smartphone Breathalyzer   

5 Department of Transportation-Approved Breathalyzers.   DOT’s choice:  Breathkey.

While it’s not a bad idea to have some idea of your blood-alcohol level before getting behind the wheel of a car, you should be aware that many factors can affect the accuracy of any reading.  These products are relatively crude devices, and should not be relied upon other than as a rough idea of what your BAC may be.  Certainly, if it’s close to the .08% legal limit — say, .11% — you should consider getting a taxi. 

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