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California DUI Arrest: The Scariest Thing This Halloween


I think it goes without saying that Halloween, in recent times, has become more than just taking the kids out trick-or-treating. For many adults, it’s a time to dress up, party with friends, and drink, especially when it lands on a Friday like it does this year. Whatever you might do this Halloween to get your fix of frights, the scariest thing about Halloween might be facing California DUI charges or sharing the road with others who might be drunk.

California law enforcement agencies, fully aware of the convenient day Halloween lands on, will be out in full force to catch those who drive drunk this Halloween holiday.

Saturation patrols are sure to be in force and expect a number of DUI checkpoints to be set up in high traffic areas. Updates on checkpoint locations can be found at:


Here are some tips to make sure that a California DUI isn’t the scariest thing you encounter this Halloween:

1.  Find a designated driver before heading out.
2.  Make plans to stay the night if drinking at a house party.
3.  If it’s an attraction you plan on going to, find a nearby hotel.
4.  Use public transportation, a cab, or other ride-sharing transportation.
5.  If any of the above suggestions cannot be accomplished, don’t drink.

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