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Madd Survey Says Most People Have Seen People Attempting To Drive Drunk


Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) has released a new survey showing that most people have witnessed someone attempting to drive after they’ve had too many to drink.

According to the survey 73 percent of adults 21 and older who were surveyed said that they “have been at an even and seen someone try to drive home after drinking too much.”

According to MADD’s website, the survey went on to find out exactly what those people did after they saw someone trying to drive home drunk. 43% drove the person home. 41% took their keys away. 40% told the party host. 25% called them a cab. 19% did nothing. 13% was “other.” 2% called law enforcement.

The survey comes at a time when MADD encourages people to plan ahead during the holiday season. If you’re going to be drinking, make prior arrangements to stay the night. Find a designated driver. If all else fails, don’t drink.

If you happen to witness someone who did not plan ahead and is attempting to drive home drunk, do something. Don’t be a part of the 19% who did nothing. You might be preventing a California DUI, and you might be saving a life.

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