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DUI Arrest Blamed on Football Team’s Loss


It goes without saying that beer at football games is like stuffing at Thanksgiving. It has to be there otherwise it just doesn’t feel right.

But it’s one thing to have a beer as you watch the game, and another to drink yourself into a stupor following your team’s poor performance. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what a 25 year-old University of Michigan fan did after the University of Michigan football team lost 29-6 to arch rivals, Michigan State. What’s worse, he decided to hop in his car right after.

The unidentified man was found passed out in his vehicle at a gas station in the early morning hours of November 3rd.

Officers later determined that his blood alcohol content level was at 0.24 percent, three times over the legal limit and well over Michigan’s “super drunk standard.” The man was subsequently charged with DUI.

The man, who had also urinated on himself, told the officers that, in addition to the 29-6 loss, he was also upset at the play-calling of the University of Michigan’s Offensive Coordinator, Al Borges. U of M’s offense rushed for a negative 48 yards, the worst in the school’s history dating back to 1879.

With that unfortunate statistic, the man may have had a good reason to be upset. However, there is certainly no good reason to drink and drive.

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