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Golf Cart Dui Capital


Although I don’t know how stiff the competition was for the top spot, but Peachtree City, Georgia, has taken home the title of “Golf Cart DUI Capital.”

If there was competition, I doubt it had any chance. Peachtree City, with a population of about 34,000 people, has about 10,000 registered golf carts. This is about one golf cart for every three of its citizens. With that many golf carts roving around, it only makes sense that the city designated about 100 miles of specially designed paths for the golf carts to travel along.

Sure, in a city sporting that many golf carts, people are bound to get caught putting down the path after a few too many Tom Collinses. But how many? Nearly 15 percent of Peachtree City’s DUI’s in 2012 involved golf carts.

“Unfortunately, it’s public perception to some that it’s not a big deal to drive intoxicated in a golf cart, but we feel it’s a little more aggravating because we have intermingling of pedestrians and bicyclists and skateboarders on our cart paths,” said Lieutenant Mark Brown, whose job it is to patrol the golf cart paths. “We’ve had serious injuries, we’ve had deaths on our cart path system in the past, so we just want people to understand those are vehicles.”

In May of 2012, a Peachtree City woman required surgery for a double fracture to her leg after a drunk golf cart driver struck her and drug her for a short distance.

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