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DUI Omen?


Some people believe in omens. And many people would consider smashing your vehicle into a sign reading “Please Don’t Drink and Drive” while driving drunk is about as clear of an omen as someone can get. To Joe Clyde of Island County, Washington, however, it was probably just an unfortunate and ironic coincidence rather than a prophetic warning because, believe it or not, it was not his last DUI arrest.

Clyde recently pleaded guilty to three separate DUI charges, the second of which involved a collision with a sign that read “Please Don’t Drink and Drive.”

In 2008, Clyde pleaded guilty to his first DUI and received what is known as DUI deferred prosecution. Under Washington’s DUI deferred prosecution program, DUI offenders who have been deemed to be suffering from alcohol or drug abuse can defer the prosecution of their DUI so that they can complete an intensive and lengthy treatment program. Upon the completion of the program the court may dismiss the charges.

The program clearly did not work because on August 9, 2012, Clyde was arrested for driving under the influence after he crashed his vehicle into sign off Highway 525 near Freeland, Washington that read “Please Don’t Drink and Drive.” It was determined that his blood alcohol content was 0.20 percent. He was later released.

Whereas the collision with the prophetical sign might have prevented most from drunkenly getting behind the wheel again, Clyde was arrested for DUI a third time. Within 24 hours after being released from custody following his second DUI arrest, Clyde was spotted driving erratically in a different vehicle. It was determined that Clyde’s blood alcohol content was 0.21 percent and he was, once again, arrested.

At sentencing, which is set to take place soon, prosecutors will be recommending that Clyde be sentenced to three years.

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