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M.A.D.D. Honors Law Enforcement Officers for High DUI Arrest Rates


Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D.) has been at the forefront of advocating for stricter DUI policies. The 14th Annual M.A.D.D. California Statewide Law Enforcement & Community Recognition Dinner was held on June 2, 2012 in Sacramento. At the dinner, the non-profit organization awarded law enforcement officers and agencies for their work in curtailing drunk driving.

Among the many award recipients were San Joaquin County sheriff Deputy Chris Sterni and Palm Spring police officer Alan Donovan.

San Joaquin County sheriff Deputy Chris Sterni was recognized for the second year straight for apprehending motorists accused of driving under the influence. Sterni works patrol in the city of Lanthrop. In 2011, Sterni made 65 arrests accounting for 54 percent of the city’s DUI arrests. Lt. Chris Pehl said of Sterni, “He’s a leader and a mentor to the younger officers, and they aspire to be like him.”

Earlier this year, the Riverside County chapter of M.A.D.D. awarded Palm Springs police officer Alan Donovan. The award was recognized at the statewide ceremony this month. Donovan made more than 100 DUI arrests last year.

Silas Miers, M.A.D.D. California Law Enforcement Program Specialist, stated, “The officers recognized at this event have made huge sacrifices in their lives to become the top in the field of traffic safety and enforcement. These are the top officers in the state for DUI enforcement and many have additional duties within the department. Some of them have personal stories; perhaps victims themselves. They have seen first-hand the tragedies and devastation that drunk driving crashes have caused and they have set out to help protect the community from that devastation. For that, we honor them today.”

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