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Lawyers are the “Doctors” of the courtroom


As time moves on, and I spend more and more time defending those accused of DUI here in southern California, it has become increasingly apparent to me that lawyers are the “doctors” of the courtroom.  What I mean here, is that the relationship between a client and a lawyer/doctor is very similar.

Whether your hiring a lawyer, or looking for a doctor, your’e looking for someone who you can trust with something extremely delicate.  Your’e looking for someone with the expertise and experience of success in exactly what your problem is.  Your’e looking for someone who can take on your problems head on, conquer them, and get you back on track as fast as possible.

I write this article – not because I want people to refer to me as Dr. lawyer guy…. but because I want the public to know that I understand your distress, concerns, and most importantly that I know that once you make your decision to hire my firm, it’s now in my hands.  It’s my responsibility to take the ball and run with it, on your behalf, and in your best interest.

In a world where the pursuit of finances can sometimes compete with our obligations to our clients, I just want this to be a subtle reminder to myself and everyone else who takes on the role of advocate, that the buck does truly stop with us.  We are the mythical horse to fly our clients to safety, and its with there lives that they entrust us.  Lets all remember this, and appreciate the help we can provide.

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