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Partial Fact of Police Officer’s DUI Arrest Kept Secret?


How is it that anyone who gets arrested for DUI has all of the details (whether correct or not) of their police contact exposed to the public by the media, but the details of a police officer DUI has very little detail?

Well, that is exactly what happened to a South Carolina police officer.  North Charleston Police Officer Nicholas Lomma was arrested by South Carolina Highway Patrol for DUI. The only thing we know is that the officer was on duty and crashed his police cruiser in a ditch according to The Post and Courier in Charleston, South Carolina. The North Charleston Police Department released a edited police car dash camera video of the police officer’s driving.  The Police Department’s edited video showed very little of the driving.  Also, the video did not show any part of the wreck in the ditch. Why is it that any Joe Schmoe has all of his DUI incident information and full video on display, but a police officer has some kind of privilege that allows him to be partially shielded?  Is that fair? You tell me.

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