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Close Enough for Government Work


How crazy have things gotten in MADD’s "war on drunk driving"? 

Court: Key Enough for Drunk Driving Conviction

Boston, MA.  Jan. 25 — The state Appeals Court has ruled that someone who inserts a key in a car’s ignition and turns on the vehicle’s electricity without starting the engine can be convicted of drunken driving.

Robert S. McGillivary of Salisbury appealed his 2007 drunken driving conviction on the grounds that he was not operating the vehicle when an officer found him slumped over the steering wheel with the key in the ignition and the dashboard illuminated.

The court said Tuesday that turning the key is the first step in a sequence to set the vehicle in motion and "was sufficient to permit the jury to conclude that he ’operated’ the motor vehicle."

So…if you point a gun at someone, you’re guilty of murder?

There may be some logic to charging attempted drunk driving for putting a key in the ignition and then falling asleep, but it’s a corruption of the legal system to pretend that the crime actually took place.  

Unfortunately, this kind of legal and legislative corruption is common in the DUI arena.  See, for example, The DUI Exception to the Constitution.

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