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How to Choose a Good DUI Lawyer in California


Facing a DUI charge can be overwhelming for many drivers, therefore, it is beneficial to face it with a DUI attorney by your side. A good DUI attorney can help you properly understand the details of your case and navigate the situation with consideration. This will help you save time, money, and effort in the long run.

When choosing a good DUI lawyer in California, there are a lot of important factors to consider. These factors include the lawyer’s training and experience, the costs they charge, where they are located, and how they handle cases. In this blog, we want to provide you with some helpful tips and advice for selecting a compatible DUI lawyer.

Deciding on a Good DUI Lawyer

The best DUI attorneys sincerely want to see you win your case and help you move on with your life. They will respect you and work intently with you to ensure you are fully informed on the development of your case. They will be open to addressing all your concerns so do not be afraid to ask questions. An ethical lawyer will always get your approval before moving forward with any decision making regarding your case.

Due to the time constraints, we recommend that you find a DUI lawyer as soon as possible after getting arrested for DUI. It allows the attorney to have a better window of time to effectively build your case. That is why it is beneficial to find an attorney who has substantial experience in handling DUI cases. Considering the severe consequences DUIs hold, this selection process is of the upmost importance.

DUI Attorney Selection Process:

  1. Do your research and look into attorneys specialized in DUI case management.
  2. Put together a list of potential candidates that satisfy the necessary requirements and other metrics important to you.
  3. Determine if the attorney has the qualifications to handle your case.
  4. Schedule an in-person consultation with the attorney to see how compatible the candidate is.
  5. Once you have met the candidate and considered the cost, you can make your decision.

Take Extra Note

There are two additional things to keep in mind when soliciting an attorney. 

  • Consultations are typically free. While some lawyers charge for an initial consultation, the best lawyers always provide them free of charge. This is to help you make an informed decision before coming out of your pocket. Experienced DUI lawyers know that they cannot offer legal advice until they are fully informed of the details of your case. They use your consultation as an opportunity to give you a sense of how complex your case is, what your likely outcome is, and how much you can be expected to pay to fight it.
  • Low fees are often far too good to be true. Be wary of any DUI lawyer advertising strikingly low rates to defend your DUI case. They may start to accrue hidden fees once they begin analyzing the case evidence, or they simply might be inexperienced and unable to make a favorable difference in your case. These lawyers are typically not who you want representing you in court. Remember, lawyers who have a good standing track record in courtrooms often reflect that in their pricing. 

What DUI Lawyer Fees Entail 

It is safe to assume that nearly all DUI lawyers charge an hourly rate. The more time they spend working on your case, the more costly it will be. There are three main factors that determine what you will end up paying: the complexity of your case, included costs, and the attorney’s experience level. 

Case Complexity: Some DUI cases are pretty straightforward. Cases where your blood alcohol concentration was only slightly over the legal limit with no past record fall under this categorization. This gives lawyers a high chance of negotiating you a bargain or a win entirely. Other cases can have much more complicated factors such as someone getting injured, or being a repeat offender. Attorneys will then have to fight harder, and often times longer, to attain a more favorable outcome for you. In turn, you can expect to pay more. 

Additional Costs: Including costs can look like your attorney charging you a lab fee to retest your blood sample, subpoenaing evidence, etc. It is wise to discuss what is and is not included in their hourly fees during your consultation. This can help you avoid being surprised by any hidden fees down the road. 

Attorney’s Experience Level: As always, esteemed lawyers charge more. You want the lawyer who represents you to be well informed and respected, who has a winning reputation coupled with years of experience. Their primary focus and goal should always be helping you navigate your DUI case with optimal precision. Although these types of lawyers are not cheap, the additional costs are well worth the investment. 

What Things to Avoid

Not all DUI lawyers have your best interest at heart, some are only interested in capitalizing off you monetarily. You can avoid these types of situations by identifying several traps when looking for an attorney. 

  • If a DUI lawyer does not just do DUI cases, they may not be as experienced as they proclaim. Good DUI lawyers focus on their field and only take on drunk driving related cases. 
  • If a DUI lawyer hands you off to another attorney after your consultation instead of personally handling your case, that is a red flag. A firm could use an experienced attorney to reel you in then pass your case a younger attorney. If this happens, continue your search. 
  • If a DUI lawyer has unrealistically low fees are usually just that, unrealistic. Typically, these lawyers will tell you to plead guilty at the first chance–they do not care about your case and it will reflect in their representation. 
  • If a DUI lawyer promises to finish your case for a fixed rate, this could be a sign that they do not plan on investing much time on your case.

Hiring a competent DUI lawyer is a good investment that can pay off substantially and make all the difference in your case – and ultimately your future.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Taylor and Taylor have an in-depth understanding of how important time is for a driver when it comes to fighting a DUI case. We are not only well-informed about the law but have first-hand knowledge of how judges and prosecutors handle DUI cases in court. Our representatives guarantee you accessibility, transparency, and commitment. Know that you are not alone.

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