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Teen Drunk Driver Arrested for Fatal Hit-and-Run in Gardena


On Saturday, August 29th, 2020, a 19-year-old man killed a woman in a hit-and-run crash in Gardena, California.

Authorities identified the teen drunk driver as Isaiah Lono of Hawthorne. The teen allegedly stole a 2018 Dodge Ram 3500 from outside an auto shop before crashing the speeding vehicle into several others. According to investigative reports, Lono was later traveling near Redondo Beach and Vermont Avenue when he ran a red light and fatally struck 30-year-old Angelica Gonzalez. 

The impact of the crash was severe, placing Gonzalez in critical condition. Once first responders arrived, they transported her to Harbor UCLA Medical Center where she later died from her injuries. 

Lono attempted to flee from the crash on foot. However, witnesses intervened and prevented him from getting too far before police officers arrived at the scene of the crime. At the time of his arrest, Gardena police suspected Lono to have been driving while under the influence. Authorities arrested the teen drunk driver shortly after the tragic accident on suspicion of driving under the influence and also charged him with additional crimes.

Given the severity of the case, the courts set his bail at $2 million. If charged, he could face over 18 years to life in prison. 

When Lono appears in court, he will be facing one count each of:

  • murder
  • fleeing from the scene of a fatal collision
  • grand theft
  • driving resulting in property damage
  • driving when privilege suspended or revoked.

Complex Cases Require Capable Coverage

It is unfortunate that the defendant made the decision to drive despite being impaired. And even worse that his choices ultimately cost someone her life. That is why I stress that people think twice before deciding to going out on the road after drinking. It’s not worth the risk and danger.

In addition, recent changes to California law permit hit-and-run drivers to be charged for longer periods of time than before. Prosecutors in this case may push that Lono receive maximum penalties for his reckless behavior. The various misdemeanor and felony charges he faces will make it more difficult for his representation to establish a defense.

To tackle a complicated case like this, he will require defense from attorneys who understand the complexities of DUI law . The attorneys at the Law Offices of Taylor & Taylor are capable of successfully handling difficult cases such as this.

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