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Four of Five Passengers Fatally Die in Quadruple DUI Crash


On May 13th, 2020, four people were tragically killed in a suspected DUI crash in San Jose, California. 

The driver (identified as Rabbi Kumar Khanna, 26) was traveling at a dangerously high speed of 100 miles per hour in a 2005 Dodge Durango with five passengers. At approximately 10:15 p.m., he suddenly lost control of his vehicle. The SUV then overturned and rolled over several times.

As a result, three of the male passengers died upon impact—one of whom was ejected from the SUV during the tragic accident. A female passenger sustained severe injuries and sadly succumbed to them a few hours after receiving extensive medical treatment. The Santa Clara County Medical examiner’s office identified the victims who died as Johnnie Perez Damian, 26, Amador Landa, 26, Isaac Landa, 25 and Shannon Galbraith, 25. 

Unlike the other victims, Khanna only suffered minor injuries as did one other 24-year-old male passenger whose identity remains unknown. 

Shortly after the deadly crash, police arrested Khanna on suspicion of driving under the influence. Investigators reported that his breath tests revealed a blood-alcohol content of 0.206—a concentration well over the .08 legal limit. 

Furthermore, investigators reported that Khanna drove with a suspended license; the courts had suspended it after a DUI conviction in 2018.

An Unconventional Type of Charge

DUI defendants are typically charged with vehicular manslaughter even in the case of fatal incidents. However, since this was not Khanna’s first offense, prosecutors filed an unconventional kind of murder charge against him. 

On May 15th, Khanna was charged on four counts of murder and two counts of felony DUI causing injury. According to custody records, he will remain in the Santa Clara County Main Jail without the option of bail. 

Driving while intoxicated is an act that comes with the potential of deadly consequences. In this case, four young victims lost their lives and their heartbroken families will never be the same. It is important to keep people safe by not driving after a night out of drinking.  The victims’ families have since curated GoFundMe pages and other fundraisers to raise money for their burials. 

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