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Teen Arrested for DUI Crash Resulting in 7 Injured and 1 Killed


On Saturday, 19-year-old Nicolas Villela IV was involved in a two-car collision that injured seven others and killed one person. Authorities believe he was driving while under the influence of alcohol when the incident occurred. Unfortunately, this accident will change his life forever.

The crash happened approximately at 10:10 p.m. east of Riverbank, California. According to investigative reports, the suspect was traveling westbound in a 2012 Nissan sedan at a dangerously high speed. He then failed to stop at a stop sign, ran through an intersection, and crashed into a Chevrolet sedan. As a result, both vehicles struck a power pole and spun out west of the intersection.

Sadly, the impact of the crash was unforgiving. The driver of the Chevrolet, Deborah Mendez, 19, suffered major injuries and required immediate medical attention. Once first responders arrived, they took her to a nearby hospital for treatment. Reports revealed that she suffered a broken pelvis, fractured rib, and other internal injuries. Mendez’s front-seat passenger (later identified as 20-year-old Francisco Lomelie) died from the initial collision.

Villela had five teen occupants in his vehicle, a few of whom had not been wearing seatbelts. Each of the occupants suffered injuries from the blunt-force impact and required medical attention. The two passengers who were not wearing safety belts suffered from broken limbs and several lacerations. Villela had abrasions to his face and left shoulder and some back pain. After receiving treatment for his injuries, authorities booked Villela into the Public Safety Center on suspicion of driving under the influence and vehicular manslaughter.

A DUI Charge and a Misdemeanor

In addition to those charges, Villela faces a misdemeanor charge of battery on an officer. According to authorities, he had been uncooperative during his arrest and dug his fingers into an officer’s hand. He remains in custody with a bail set at $125,000. Hopefully, he will take the time to reflect on the actions that led to this unfortunate case and learn from it. A DUI accident changes the lives of everyone involved, including the driver.

Given the details of this incident, it is possible that the defendant may receive maximum penalties from the court. Difficult cases like this require the best representation. At the Law Offices of Taylor and Taylor, we evaluate all the facts of each case and treat each client with the respect. We offer well-versed and experienced counsel dedicated to bringing about the fairest outcome.

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