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Mother Faces Charges for Alleged DUI Crash that Killed Her Infant Son


On March 9th, 2020, a young mother who allegedly drove while under the influence caused a head-on crash, resulting in the death of her baby boy, critical injuries for her two other children, and moderate injuries for another driver. This alleged DUI crash changed their lives.

The tragic crash occurred approximately at midnight in the west San Fernando Valley community. The driver identified as Irlanda Sanchez, 23, traveled eastbound on Nordhoff Street with her three young children (two twin four-month-olds and a toddler) at 80 miles per hour. At some point, her 2003 Toyota SUV veered into the opposite lane and collided with a 2017 Chevy SUV. After slamming into oncoming traffic, authorities reported that the Toyota crashed into parked cars along the street. 

All three of the young children sustained injuries that required hospitalization; in particular, one of the infant twins was airlifted to UCLA Medical Center in serious condition. In just a few hours, he sadly succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead by the coroner. The surviving twin’s condition was not immediately provided. In addition, the two-year-old toddler suffered from lacerations to the head but was suspected to survive. 

The driver and sole occupant of the Chevy SUV sustained moderate injuries, luckily not taking as much damage as the other victims. After the accident, authorities transported the driver to a local hospital to provide further medical care. 

Liability is Clear in this Alleged DUI Crash

Sanchez, who also needed treatment for minor injuries, was arrested on suspicion of murder and driving while intoxicated. In a preliminary investigation, authorities determined that her children were not adequately secured in their car seats during the event of the crash. Liability on the part of Sanchez is undeniably clear.

According to jail records, Sanchez’s bail is set at $2 million.

Making the decision to drive while intoxicated is reckless and will always put innocent lives at risk. Unfortunately, in this case, a small child paid the ultimate price by losing his life. Drinking and driving carries serious consequences punishable by law, so think critically before making the decision to drive. Choose to stay safe.

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