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DUI Suspect Steals CHP Car in Attempt to Avoid Arrest


Alcohol can make people do some very odd things. Sometimes it can completely lower your barriers and make you do things that aren’t safe or wise to do – like drinking and driving.

Last week Wednesday, police went on a wild chase down the 14 Freeway after a careless DUI driver took off at high speeds down the road. Things kicked off around 5pm when officers attempted to pull over the suspected DUI driver, but the man in the Kia Optima refused to slow down. After a bit of chase, the pursuit was temporarily canceled for safety reasons.

However, officers re-initiated the pursuit and followed the man through Lancaster into Kern Country. The man eventually abandoned his vehicle and hijacked a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck that he found somewhere along the way. Then, he switched directions and drove off road into the desert. During this stretch of the chase, the intoxicated man repeatedly hit into the cars of the deputies who chased him.

At this point, CHP officers took over the chase.

The fleeing suspect eventually crashed the stolen vehicle and bolted. Before he took off, he was seen hugging a woman who also got out of the truck. Officers later found her hiding in the desert and promptly took her into custody.

The man found an unoccupied CHP vehicle soon after and continued on with his getaway. In his haste, he veered off onto a dirt road and various other paths while the patrol car emergency lights blared.

In the end, officers cornered the driver and forced him to surrender.

The DUI suspect could possibly be facing charges such as theft of a police car and assaulting a deputy.

I can’t imagine how much this guy must have drunk to get this point. No matter the amount, people must be careful of their decisions and try to make reasonable choices. And driving drunk and then commandeering a police vehicle is definitely not the reasonable choice.

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