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Woman Arrested Again After Only Weeks On Parole


Some people don’t seem to learn from their mistakes, and it’s quite unfortunate. Even though we often want to give people the benefit of the doubt, not everyone is able to make the best of their situations. A second chance should be used wisely and carefully, but not everyone get the memo.

Last month, Obdulia Sanchez was arrested for a vehicle violation and weapons charge. On October 17th, officers attempted to pull her vehicle over for the violation, but she refused. A short pursuit ensued. According to the Stockton Police Department Facebook page, an announcement stated that the “driver failed to negotiate a turn and drove the car off the roadway near the I-5 on ramp at March Ln.” It goes on to point out that a male passenger ran out of the car and was able to escape during the incident. Afterwards, the police took Sanchez into custody without further issues. They found a loaded firearm inside the vehicle.

Only a few weeks prior, Sanchez had been released on parole after having served time for a 2017 DUI crash that killed her younger sister, Jacqueline Sanchez Estrada. This particular case drew media attention due to the fact that Sanchez had been livestreaming just before the crash as well as around her sister’s death from the crash.

At the time of her release, there was a bit of an uproar as she had only served about 26 months out of her six-year and four-month sentence.

There are no further reports stating if she had any substance violations with this arrest. Considering she was still on parole, the decisions she made this time do not give us much hope that she will stay out of trouble. Seems she still has a lot to learn from her mistakes.

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