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Grant Money for San Diego’s DUI Prosecutions


In San Diego, DUI offenders and defense attorneys will be up against some new challenges within the prosecutor’s office. The San Diego City Attorney’s office recently announced that they won another grant funded by the California Office of Traffic and Safety. With this grant of $198,302, the office will continue to support highly-trained prosecutors for DUI cases.

According to City Attorney Mara Elliot, “[the] grant allows our highly specialized prosecution team to work closely with law enforcement to hold accountable those who endanger our community.”

Under the grant, the city can utilize a “vertical” system of prosecution where the same deputy city attorney will work the case from start to finish. Members will also work with California’s Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor Program in order to better tackle the continuing problem of drug-impaired driving. They will help expand the knowledge and resources required to do so.

The announcement by the City Attorney’s office was vague in how the program expects to support and create a “highly specialized” prosecution team, so it is hard to picture how much better of a team will be created with this money.

I am all for a better educated prosecution team to help ensure that society is safer, now and in the future. It’s important to hold those accountable for causing harm and to see that they are given the appropriate terms of justice. Undoubtedly, the vertical system will be beneficial for the prosecution, allowing for a more consistently operated case.

However, I also believe it will be beneficial for the prosecution team to be able to better communicate with the offenders. Perhaps educating them about good ways to follow up with the offenders post-prosecution will allow for a better support system to exist. This will in turn keep these offenders from becoming repeat offenders.

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