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Suspected DUI Driver Crashes into North Hollywood BMW Dealership


You ever drive by a nice car dealership and wonder how much money it must take to carry such expensive inventory? My guesses venture into tens of millions of dollars. Well, one driver had to pay a hefty price at a BMW dealership last week, and she wasn’t there to shop.

Last Wednesday, a red Subaru sedan crashed through the floor-to-ceiling showroom window of Century West BMW, spraying glass onto the street. The driver was maneuvering on Lankershim Boulevard around 2 a.m., when she lost control of her vehicle. She suddenly veered into the NoHo dealership and slammed into a $150,000 BMW i8 sports car. The crash ignited a small fire, setting off the sprinkler system. In addition, the Subaru hit another vehicle and knocked down two beams in the building. Firefighters had to extinguish the fire and to remove the standing water that collected on the showroom floor.

Soon after, police arrived on the scene and arrested the driver under suspicion of DUI. Fortunately, the woman suffered no serious injuries and will recover fully from the accident. The same, however, cannot be said for the vehicles. The front end of her car received the brunt of the force and other vehicles sustained damage during the incident. Preliminary estimates say that there is nearly $200,000 in damage.

It could have been worse. She could have crashed into a Bentley dealership or a Rolls Royce dealership. Even more important is that no one got hurt. The driver’s name has not been released to the public, and the crash is currently under investigation.

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