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DUI Checkpoints Expected for Memorial Day Weekend


Memorial Day is a day to remember all those who lost their lives while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. It’s a day to honor those who have passed, visiting their graves and holding family gatherings. Now, it is also synonymous with the beginning of the summer season, with big picnics and family barbecues. People also tend to crack out bottles of beer and other types of alcohol to celebrate.

As with most holiday weekends, one should expect to see an increase in police presence of the three-day weekend. There’ll be various DUI checkpoints stationed around the area, with some checkpoints appearing before the weekend starts.

For Memorial weekend, it is important to remember that caution and safety are of priority. It is okay to enjoy other’s company and toss back some drinks with your friends. However, it would also be a good idea to avoid overindulging. Plan your events accordingly.

Some things you could do are pick designated drivers and figure out with whom to carpool. You can also use one of the rideshare options that are available. Or if you are determined to drive yourself, make sure to drink responsibly and exercise caution when deciding to get back on the road. If you’ve had a couple drinks, give yourself a few hours and get sober before getting behind the wheel.

In order to protect the public, there will likely quite a few police officers on the road for this coming weekend. If you want to practice caution, it would be safe to consider the options stated above.

Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Holiday!

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